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Row Spacers

Row Spacers, also commonly known as row ties or frame ties are used to provide adequate spacing between two back-to-back runs of selective pallet racking. The minimum APEX row spacer allows for flue space between pallets. This provides warehouse sprinkler systems a fire retardant space between two back-to-back rows of pallet racking and a safety tolerance for pallets to ‘waterfall’ over the pallet racking.

Row Spacers
Row Spacers

Row Spacers

3 different variations are available:


  • X-brace Raw 430mm row spacer mostly used in outdoor applications where a stronger wind tolerance is required
  • HDG 430mm welded row spacers are the standard for outdoor environments
  • Standard 430mm and 609mm row spacers come complete with M10x30mm nut and bolts
Part Number Size Style Finish
RH0118 430mm Standard Zinc
RH0119 610mm Standard Zinc
RGGH060 430mm Welded Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG)
RGGH070 430mm X-brace Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG)