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Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking is a storage system designed to store pallets on multiple levels. It's available in different styles, including selective, drive-in, double-deep and narrow aisle. APEX racking is compliant with AS4084-2012 Steel Storage Racking and AS4600-2005 Cold-Formed Steel Structures.

Product Specification

Frame Height Frame Depth APEX Section
914mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15
1829mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15
2438mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15
3048mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15
3658mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15
4267mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15 / 90-20
4877mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15 / 90-20
6096mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-15 / 90-20 / 90-25
7315mm 610 / 838 / 1219mm 90-20 / 90-25
Box Beams
Code Beam Length Section Connectors Maximum UDL/pair
PRB0914x080x40 914mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 2,700kg UDL
PRB1219x080x40 1219mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 2,700kg UDL
PRB1372x050x45 1372mm 50x45mm - open beam 3 700kg UDL
PRBG1372x75x50 1372mm HDG 75x50mm - RHS beam 3 2,700kg UDL
PRB1372x080x40 1372mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 2,700kg UDL
PRB1524x080x40 1524mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 2,420kg UDL
PRB1829x080x40 1829mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 2,020kg UDL
PRB2133x080x40 2133mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 1,790kg UDL
PRB2438x080x40 2438mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 1,620kg UDL
PRB2591x050x45 2591mm 50x45mm - open beam 3 400kg UDL
PRB2591x080x40 2591mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 1,550kg UDL
PRBG2591x100x50 2591mm HDG 100x50mm - RHS beam 4 2,170kg UDL
PRB2591x100x50 2591mm 100x50mm - box beam 4 2,400kg UDL
PRB2591x120x50 2591mm 120x50mm - box beam 4 3,150kg UDL
PRB2591x125x50 2591mm HDG 125x50mm - RHS beam 4 3,090kg UDL
PRB2591x140x50 2591mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 4,000kg UDL
PRB2743x050x45 2743mm 50x45mm - open beam 3 365kg UDL
PRB2743x80x50 2743mm 80x40mm - box beam 3 1,410kg UDL
PRBG2743x100x50 2743mm HDG 100x50mm - RHS beam 4 2,070kg UDL
PRB2743x100x50 2743mm 100x50mm - box beam 4 2,280kg UDL
PRB2743x120x50 2743mm 120x50mm - box beam 4 3,000kg UDL
PRBG2743x125x50 2743mm HDG 125x50mm - RHS beam 4 2,940kg UDL
PRB2743x140x50 2743mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 3,990kg UDL
PRB3048x120x50 3048mm 120x50mm - box beam 4 2,730kg UDL
PRB3353x120x50 3353mm 120x50mm - box beam 4 2,510kg UDL
PRB3658x140x50 3658mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 2,520kg UDL
PRB3810x140x50 3810mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 2,330kg UDL
PRB4267x140x50 4267mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 2,150kg UDL
PRB4877x140x50 4877mm 140x50mm - box beam 4 1,500kg UDL


Disclaimer: Beam loading capacities is subject to other factors such as frame grade, beam heights and seismic conditions. Please contact your nearest dealer for further information RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) for HDG beams

Beam RHS
Pallet Racking System

Selective Racking

Selective racking is a cost-effective, high-capacity storage solution.

Applications and features:

  • Stores pallets using the FIFO principle (First in, First out)
  • All pallets can be retrieved independently
  • Arranged into single and back-to-back runs
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Most commonly used with counterbalanced forklifts and walkie stackers
Pallet Racking System

Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racking suits high volumes of the same SKU.

Applications and features:

  • Stores inventory using the FILO principle (First in, Last out)
  • Great for seasonal items that move in and out quickly
  • Pallets are arranged into cubic systems - X pallets (wide), Y pallets (deep) and Z pallets (high)
  • Higher pallet density, up to 70% greater storage capacity than selective pallet racking
  • Can be designed as a single entry drive-in or drive-through system
  • Ideal for cold storage with high turnover and limited space
  • Allows the use of counterbalanced forklifts
Pallet Racking System

Double deep racking

Double deep pallet racking is a high-density storage solution with easy access.

  • Made of back-to-back selective pallet racking
  • Most commonly stores 2 pallets deep
  • 50% of product is immediately accessible
  • Uses the FILO principle (First in, Last out)
  • Aisles are usually only 3,000mm to 3,500mm wide to suit most double deep reach forklifts
  • A double deep reach forklift must be used
Pallet Racking System

Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisle pallet racking is a high-capacity and space saving storage solution.

  • Maximises floor space and utilises height
  • Aisles are usually only 3,000mm to 3,500mm wide to suit most reach forklifts
  • Stock is retrieved perpendicular to the direction of forklift motion
  • Uses the FIFO principle (First in, First out)
  • All pallets can be retrieved from the rack independently
Pallet Racking System

Vertical Rack

Vertical racks are designed to safely store long products vertically.

  • Maximise your warehouse space by safely storing products vertically
  • Every vertical rack installation has its own load guide and loading capacity standards specifically to APEX
  • Single and double sided configurations
  • Customisable in height and lengths
  • Paired with 600mm long non-load bearing divider arms
  • Can be integrated with your standard pallet storage systems within the same row of racking
  • Goods are accessed by hand
  • Great for timber, PVC conduit, steel and aluminium