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Coil/Drum Support

The Global Coil/Drum support is designed to aid in the storage of large cylindrical objects such as coils or 44 gallon drums on pallet racking in a flat horizontal position. The 75x75x5mm front-to-back (FTB) angled supports are adjustable every 50mm pitch to help suit a number of different sizes of coils or drums using a simple nut & bolt assembly.

Coil/Drum Support
Coil/Drum Support

Coil/Drum Support

Item depth (front to back) Max cable reel weight Max coil/drum weight on continuous load point
420mm-499mm 800kg 550kg
500mm-579mm 750kg 580kg
580mm-659mm 1000kg 630kg
660mm-739mm 1300kg 680kg
750mm-837mm 1500kg 750kg
838mm or greater N/A 2,000kg (or max beam capacity)