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Centre Mount Cable Supports

The centre mount cable supports consist of two front-to-back support channels, a left and right spindle support holder and left and right frame connectors.

Centre Mount Cable Supports
Centre Mount Cable Supports

Centre Mount Cable Supports

Specification :

  • Cable rack support structure can take loads up to 1,800KG UDL
  • Maximum weight capacities vary depending on the spindle used. (Spindles sold separately)
  • Most situations call for a maximum of 500-900kg UDL per level.
  • Maximum spindle O/D that fits inside the spindle support is 89mm
  • The maximum distance for un-reeling is 1500mm
  • 200kg of pulling/un-reeling force allowed up to 3,505mm load height.
  • 150kg of pulling/un-reeling force allowed between between 3,506mm to 4,4496mm load height
  • 100kg of pulling/un-reeling force allowed for up to 6554mm load height
  • Most commonly used with 914, 1219mm and 1372mm bay widths